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Welcome to Plants vs. Zombies: Travel around Time! Here you can play brand new plants for free on your computer, arrange your defenses, and fight different zombies!
"Plants vs. Zombies 2: Travel around Time" is a mod of the "Plants vs. Zombies" game jointly produced by Jiangnan Game and Wotod network studios. This mod is also known as "Plants vs. Zombies TAT mod."
Based on Plants vs. Zombies 1, TAT mod has made a lot of changes to the game plot, game scenes and game characters. With Crazy Dave's search for tacos as the main plot, it tells a new story of plants and zombies. The scene adopts the style of Plants vs Zombies 2, and the game's challenge and fun are greatly improved. The adventure mode has added new seven worlds, they're Ztafan Country, Night City, Steam Ages, Mysterious Fog City, Ancient Rome, Modern Day and Ancient Egypt! Brand new plants have also been added, and the skills of zombies have also been brand new, bringing players a completely different game experience.

One of PVZ's most powerful mods to date
Moderate difficulty, tricky gameplay

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